A Taste of Deysi was founded in 2018 by master mixologist Deysi Alvarez who over many years working in the restaurant industry became an expert in spirits and fine cocktails. Deysi is passionate in her constant search for specialty ingredients throughout the World to create new layers of taste. 

Deysi began her career at Rivera restaurant in Downtown LA and trained under Julian Cox. The two of them opened Picca in Beverly Hills owned by Ricardo Zarate. After becoming the head bartender at Picca, Deysi was brought in as the master mixologist for Mochica, Paiche and Blue Tavern. As she continued to deepen her knowledge she was recruited by Casey Lane to create a bar program for Viale Di Romani in West Hollywood. Most recently she has created the bar programs for Blacksmith and St Anne’s and now works at Eataly, Terra part time to also dedicate her time building A Taste Of Deysi and spending time with clients to ensure quality products.

Her journey through the restaurant industry has led her to create programs and menus for a variety of different ethnic and themed establishments. This allowed her to learn to hone her craft and create custom menus for every style and occasion.

Deysi realized there was a problem in restaurant crafting. Many fine cocktails require hours of labor and knowledge of in house staff. A Taste of Deysi is the answer to that problem.  A Taste Of Deysi will bring you everything you need and make it possible to make specialty hand crafted cocktails quickly and easily whether at your business or at your door step.    Why not make your life easier with A Taste Of Deysi’s gommes, syrups, shrubs and orgeats.